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LuminaGlow eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions that you can install and maintain yourself in a few minutes. Worry-free wear for 5-7 days!

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Be bold, be bright

Why choose LuminaGlow?

We created LuminaGlow with thousands of women's wishes and concerns in mind. We believe that it will bring even more comfort and independence to your life as well!

SPEED - installation and maintenance in a few minutes
CONVENIENCE - install and maintain yourself without leaving home
DURABILITY - eyelashes last up to 7 days
FLEXIBILITY - length and style of eyelashes according to the situation
PRICE - a favorable solution compared to visiting a technician

Detailed tutorial on applying LuminaGlow eyelashes.

Install in minutes

Start with clean and dry eyelashes! For best results, curl your lashes.

Apply a thin layer of eyelash glue to the entire length of your lashes so that the eyelash extensions have a surface to stick to.

Using tweezers, take an eyelash cluster of the length that suits you from the box. When removing, grasp the bottom edge of the tassel.

Using tweezers, place the eyelash cluster on the lash line under your lashes. After application, use tweezers to press your eyelashes and false eyelashes together.

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We always give our best to ensure that our customers receive the best and fastest service and high-quality products.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery to the parcel machine that suits you within three working days. Orders placed before 4:00 p.m. will be shipped the same day.

Affordable prices

LuminaGlow eyelash extensions are a cheaper and more convenient alternative to classic eyelash extensions.

LuminaGlow gives you instantly charming 'cat-eyes', the effect lasts for almost a week! You can leave mascara at home during your vacation!
Reet Härmat
"At first, I was afraid I wouldn't manage the installation because the first time I was a complete klutz. But the second attempt was quick and easy. They stayed on perfectly throughout the entire trip!"
Triin Randloo
"Brilliantly easy to install! Most importantly - when removing makeup in the evening, you can easily rinse off the eyelash strips and reuse them!"
Katrin Sangla

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Who wouldn't like to be beautiful without effort?

The first time I put on these lashes, it was a bit tricky, I had to get the hang of it, but within ten minutes, my eyes looked beautiful, and the result lasted for about four days. It probably would have lasted longer, but I...

Sandra's feedback on our eyelashes

Hey! I'm sharing my feedback on LuminaGlow eyelashes. The glue comes with such a nice and handy brush, which makes application super easy, and the eyelash installation in my eyes...

LuminaGlow eyelash extensions - Your radiance, comfort, and independence!

LuminaGlow eyelash extensions, which you can easily install and maintain yourself in just a few minutes. Wear them worry-free for 5-7 days! How to apply them: Start with clean and dry lashes! For the best...

Different installation styles

Since LuminaGlow eyelash extension clusters come in various lengths in the box, you can create different styles with them. Let's go over the four most common eyelash extension application styles. Happy experimenting! 😉 Natural...

Do not do!

Mistakes happen to the best of us, and so on... In this post, you'll find tips and recommendations on what not to do when using LuminaGlow false eyelashes. A wise person learns from others' mistakes! 1. Don't make lashes...

Feedback from our lovely customer Aliis

"For me, LuminaGlow lashes are the best solution. My own lashes are short, light, and straight. Mascara is of little use. I've tried various technicians' eyelash extensions for years, but I am one...
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