Different installation styles

Since the LuminaGlow eyelash extensions come in different lengths in the box, you can create different styles with them. Let's take a look at the 4 most common styles of applying eyelash extensions. 

Enjoy experimenting! 😉 

Natural eye

A natural and beautiful result is very easy to achieve with Luminaglow eyelashes - just follow the length of your eyelashes and add eyelash extensions that are 1-2 mm longer than your own. Apply 2-3 different lengths, emphasizing the outer corner or center of the eye. We recommend using Cloud or Flower eyelashes that are airier and lighter than Classic eyelashes.

Cat eye

Cat-eye is one of the most preferred styles of wearing eyelash extensions. It emphasizes the outer corner of the eye, makes the look mysterious and has a lifting effect! To achieve a cat-eye effect, add the longest lashes of eyelash extensions just to the outer corner of the eye. To achieve a more effective result, you can install in the outer corner LuminaGlow Classic lashes for the most voluminous and dense look and continue 3/4 of the eye with Flower or Cloud lashes.

Doll eye

Doll eyes.. cute and youthful. The doll eye effect is achieved by using only 1-2 eyelash extensions of different lengths throughout the eye. You can get the most doll-like appearance by using LuminaGlow Classic eyelashes. You will get a more airy and lighter doll's eye LuminaGlow Cloud eyelashes.

Open eye

Eyelash extensions installed in the open-eye style make your eyes visually larger and more open. In this style, the longest lashes are placed in the center of the eye, above the iris. This style is loved by those women whose eyelids are slightly sunken and whose eyes look tired. LuminaGlow Flower lashes are especially good for creating an open eye, but Classic and Cloud are also good. Feel free to experiment and find eyelash extensions that suit your eyes and your mood!