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Beautiful eyes framed by beautiful eyelashes are almost every woman's dream! Those who did not receive this gift from their ancestors with genes know well that spilled mascara or eyelashes that have not been groomed for a long time are not exactly the most beautiful sight. Application and removing of the mascara takes time, often precious minutes in the morning. You can get a more permanent result with an eyelash technician, but it requires hours of lying down, time planning and, let's be honest, a considerable amount from your wallet.

LuminaGlow solves all these problems for you! Now you can get eyelash extensions on by yourself, installed and removed in a few minutes without leaving home. Add just as many lashes as you want. Thanks to our allergy-free, waterproof glue, you can wear your eyelashes for up to a week without worry. The maintenance only takes a few minutes and you can do it even while you are traveling! Cat eye, more dramatic eyes or fairy eyelashes - choose and change exactly according to your need, desire or mood.

LuminaGlow Eyelashes

Installation and maintenance in a few minutes 100%
Install and maintain yourself without leaving home 100%
Eyelashes last up to 7 days 100%
Waterproof glue keeps your eyelashes in place 100%
Length and style of eyelashes according to the situation 100%
Affordable price
A favorable solution compared to visiting a technician 100%


Start with clean and dry eyelashes! For best results, curl your lashes.

Apply a thin layer of eyelash glue to the entire length of your lashes so that the eyelash extensions have a surface to stick to.

Using tweezers, take an eyelash cluster of the length that suits you from the box. When removing, grasp the bottom edge of the tassel.

Using tweezers, place the eyelash cluster on the lash line under your lashes. After application, use tweezers to press your eyelashes and false eyelashes together.

Detailed tutorial on applying LuminaGlow eyelashes.

Removing eyelashes

Keep a cotton pad moistened with waterproof makeup remover (oil-based) on the eyelashes or dab oil on the eyelashes. For example, castor oil or coconut oil are good, which are also good and nourishing for your eyelashes! When the eyelash glue has dissolved, carefully remove the eyelashes with tweezers or fingers.

LuminaGlow lashes are reusable when properly removed and cleaned. Both eyelash foam and oil-based makeup remover and, for example, gentle soap or facial cleanser are suitable for cleaning. Rinse the eyelashes with clean water and let them dry.

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