Who wouldn't like to be beautiful without effort?

As they say, patience is a virtue, and by that, I mean writing this post. I'm the kind of person for whom those single-use false lashes are insanely difficult. Every time I've tried to use them myself, the result has been, to put it mildly, ugly. Instead, I mostly relied on eyeliner. Why? Well, my own lashes are just so disgustingly short and sparse that even wearing mascara resulted in a pretty awful look. Of course, over the years, I found mascara that made the makeup look better, but still, it could have been better. But eyeliner always saved the day; with eyeliner on, no one noticed my lashes, win-win! But since it's summer and who wants to bother with makeup every day, I found the perfect solution!  Lumina Glow reusable lashes, they have various options and what I absolutely love is that they come in clusters, so you can choose how many lashes you want to apply or how many you need to achieve a beautiful result.

(Written 16.08.23)

The first time I put on these lashes, it was a bit tricky, I had to figure out the trick, but within ten minutes, my eyes looked beautiful, and the result lasted for about four days. It probably would have lasted longer, but I wanted to change them. I definitely recommend curling your lashes before applying them, the result is prettier and lasts longer. I've had these current lashes on for the fourth day and the result is just as beautiful as on the first day, nothing has come loose anywhere, and they are incredibly comfortable. Of course, I also tried these lashes on others, I put them on my mom and sister, but they didn't stay on very well for them, although they were still on for a few days, but that might have been due to my lack of skill. In the long run, I'm very happy, and honestly, they are one of those indispensable things in my life right now, I can't imagine my life without this convenience anymore. 

(Written 06.08.23)

I thought I'd try out all the lashes thoroughly before I publish the post and share 100% honest feedback. My favorites turned out to be Cloud C-mix lashes, incredibly comfortable and not heavy for my own lashes. What I discovered was that they stayed beautiful even for the longest time, easily lasting over a week without anything coming loose. If you prefer a natural-looking result, then these are the right choice.

Taking the second place are the Flower C-mix, similarly, incredibly lightweight and beautiful, not heavy for my own lashes either. With these, of course, they didn't last over a week; I could only wear them for a maximum of 5 days without anything coming loose and the lashes themselves staying beautiful. But similarly, an incredibly natural result and super pretty.

As you can see, they have found good use. 🙈

And taking the third place are the Classic 20D-C-mix. These are suitable for those who prefer more voluminous lashes. Compared to the others, these were also a bit heavier, so I would recommend the first two for people with sparse lashes, but the end result was still beautiful. What I noticed about these was that they came off faster compared to the others, but at the same time, the clusters were smaller, making them the most difficult and time-consuming to apply.

I tried it for the first time on my sister.

All in all, if you put everything together, I am absolutely satisfied; it's one of the best finds of this summer and an indispensable part of my beauty routine. What I also want to mention is that removing them is also super easy, whether with an oil-based makeup remover or oil if you prefer to use household remedies, they come off quickly and easily without damaging your own lashes. Of course, they also have their own remover on their website, which honestly makes removal much quicker and more convenient.

I definitely recommend trying and experimenting, you won't regret it. 🙈