Feedback from our lovely customer Aliis

"For me, LuminaGlow eyelashes are the best solution.
My own eyelashes are short, light, straight. Mascara is of little use. I've tried eyelash extensions from different technicians for years, but I'm one of the few people whose extensions don't last. The interval between treatments could be a maximum of 2 weeks, and half of that time I was walking around with "holes". Finally, I gave up and occasionally used store-bought disposable bows and tassels, with different glues. The corners still broke and the result was more trouble than beauty!
LuminaGlow eyelashes are made for me, Flower I get a very natural result, but if there is still a desire to highlight the eyes, then Cloud is a favorite! Perfect for straight lashes that don't need to be pre-curled! 
And I won't even talk about the installation, if it went well, both eyes were done in 5 minutes. Doesn't stick, doesn't mix, doesn't leave any gaps, etc. I completely forget that I'm wearing them when I look in the mirror, my eyes are pleasantly surprised 🙂 "
Aliis J.
Aliis LuminaGlow ripsmed