LuminaGlow eyelash extensions kit Glam


The LuminaGlow eyelash extensions kit Glam is designed for even the most delicate lashes. LuminaGlow's new lashes are soft and airy, and the adhesive is stronger and even more long-lasting. Designed with you in mind, you'll find various styles in the box and everything you need for lash application
The package contains:
  • 3 eri stiilis ripsmepikendused pikkusega 8-14mm
  • Tweezers for eyelash application
  • LuminaGlow eyelash glue
  • Sealer
  • Remover

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  • Especially soft and natural!
  • Kõik vajalik ühes karbis
  • Last up to 5-7 days
  • 3 rinevat stiili karbis
  • Eyelash clusters are reusable
  • Eyelashes and glue are waterproof
  • Install and maintain yourself without leaving home